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Transport services with a high performance fleet and qualified personnel

transport medicamente frigospeed eurotop

Transport of medicines - Parapharmaceutical

Medical-pharmaceutical industry.
Temperature controlled + 2 / + 8 degrees | + 15 / + 25 degrees, thermogram for the entire transport.

transport congelate frigospeed eurotop


Frozen (frozen goods -18 / -20 degrees).
Controlled temperature, thermodynamics for the entire transport.

transport refrigerate frigospeed eurotop


Temperature controlled. 0 degrees / + 6 degrees.
Controlled temperature, thermogram for the entire transport.

transport auto platforma frigospeed eurotop

Transport cars - Platform

Car transport services, on the platform.


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We provide refrigerated transportation even for goods that require special climatic conditions of transport, such as dairy products, frozen goods, perishable products, etc. We take care that throughout the transport we maintain the optimum temperature so as not to damage the products.

You have permanent control over the location of the goods during transport, all the vans being equipped with GPS tracking system.

The transported goods are insured by CMR. To give added security, FrigoSpeed EuroTop also benefits from its own insurance, specific to shipping houses worth 1.000.000 euros.

"FrigoSpeed Eurotop is authorized for the Transport of foodstuffs of animal origin in cold conditions". DSV Arges

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